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For Sale



Schaeffer Tice Fall Heifer and Steer sale

Bids will close September 10th at 6pm

Phone Bid Off to follow

Lot 1
Style x Honey R007
February Sim-Angus Female

Lot 2
Style x Who's Your Lady (Who Da Man x 6640) March Chianina Female

Lot 3
Red Knight x Red Rosemary
February Shorthorn Female

Lot 4
Classen x HPF Honey R007
March Sim-Angus Female

Lot 5
Style x Lady Chrystal
January Shorthorn Plus Female

Lot 6
Style x Who Dat Lady 2037Z ( Who Da Man) April 6.5 % Chianina Female Full sib to the Grand and Reserve Grand females at Chianina Junior Nationals

Lot 7
Broker x Hairietta
March Sim Solution Female

Lot 12
Primo x Who Da Man
February 6.5% Chianina Female

Lot 13
Broker x Brilliance
March Sim-Solution Female

Lot 14
Right Direction X 588 Tamale
March Shorthorn Plus and 9% Chi Female

Lot 15
Revival x Steel Force
March Purebred Simmental Female

Lot 16
Primo x 1602Y (Who Da Man x 6640)
January 6.5% Chianina Female
Dam was Supreme female in Louisville

Lot 17
Broker x Who Dat Lady
January Sim-Solution and
6.5 % Chianina

Lot 19
Broker x Ms Whiskey 08/5
February Sim-Solution female

Lot 20
Broker x Honey R007
March PB Simmental Female

Lot 21
Style x Sugar Momma 867 (Ali)
March Mainetainer Female

Lot 23
Classen x Sugar Momma 867 (Ali)April Mainetainer Female

Lot 35
Broker x Dream Lady (Who Da Man)
April 6.5% Chi & Sim-Solution

Lot 50
Fu Man Chu x 200
March Chianina Steer